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Toilet Training Your Cat

Cats have been the most popular of tamed animals. For how many generations, cats have been excellent companions to humans and, like dogs, they have been considered by many people as man’s best friend. Cats are quite easy to love due to their cuddly, sweet, companionable, intelligent, and charismatic personalities.

As charming as they are, however, cats also come with negative habits that you will  need to remedy with some training. Their bad habits can could consist of  biting, scratching and pooping outside of their litter box. These habits will most likely annoy and upset you, but again, these bad habits can easily be broken with proper training.

With regards to these matters, you do not have to worry too much. This is due to the fact that felines are born to be curious with relatively high in intellectual capacity. For this reason, they can be easily trained to do various things that could make your life easier. One thing that you can teach them to do is to train them how to use the toilet. Contrary to popular belief, potty training cats is not a hard task to do. However, you will need plenty of patience, extra effort and time, and a strong determination. Also, a litter box is also required in toilet training a cat.

Training a cat to use the toilet

If your feline already knows how to utilize the litter box then that makes the task of getting them use the toilet much easier. Since cats are private and clean creatures by nature, chances are that they will find pooping in the toilet more desirable and similar to what they were initially familiarized to. Gradually implementing this technique is the best trick in potty training a cat. Depending on your cat’s characteristics, the process of toilet training a cat can take numerous days to a few weeks. There is no point in rushing the training because cats take time to learn and get used to the new bathroom system.

Training your cat to utilize the toilet can hold several advantages for any cat owner. The greatest advantage of having your cat use a toilet is that it eradicates most of the shortcomings that using a cat litter box holds. Some cat litter boxes are expensive but  inexpensive and even homemade litter boxes are definitely an option. After toilet training your cat, you won’t ever need to purchase a cat litter box again. Cat litter boxes need to be cleaned regularly or it will become smelly—cats avoid using litter boxes because of this reason. With cat toilet training, the water in the toilet masks most of the felonious smell and all you have to do is flush regularly—much simpler and easier than cleaning a litter box.

How to train your cat to use the toilet

Training your cat to use the toilet depends completely on your cat’s personality. Usually, toilet training sociable felines, who love being praised, makes the training task much easier. Cat toilet training essentially consists of a simple procedure—gradually moving the cat’s litter box closer and closer to the toilet, finally placing a bowl with cat litter inside the toilet, and removing it altogether when your cat is comfortable and used to it.

Training a cat to use the toilet is a gradual, step-by-step process, consisting of making small changes to the location of the litter box and only ongoing to the next step when your cat is completely comfortable with its recent situation. You might have to wait anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks before moving on a next step in toilet training a cat. You might even have to go back a step once or twice when it turns out that your cat wasn’t ready to move on to the next toilet training step. You should be aware that toilet training a cat requires a lot of patience. Here are the steps on how to train your cats to use the toilet.

Steps in toilet training a cat

  • To start off, gradually move your cat’s litter box nearer to the toilet until it finally should be next to the toilet. Make sure that your feline is always comfortable in its litter box location.
  • You may start elevating the cat’s litter box. You can put something non-slippery materials like newspapers or cardboard underneath the litter container. The cat litter box should be raised until it is at a level height with the toilet bowl. Throughout this process, it is very significant to keep the toilet lid open and the seat down, since your feline will get used to it and might even begin climbing on the toilet seat in order to reach its litter box.
  • Move and place the litter box on the open toilet seat. Keep it there until your cat seems comfortable with this arrangement.
  • Purchase a metal bowl or tray that will fit snugly inside the toilet bowl. It would be advisable for the metal bowl to have small draining holes. Fill the bowl with cat litter (preferably the flushable type). If you have reached this step victoriously, then you are very close to having a toilet trained feline!
  • While your feline is using the metal bowl inside the toilet, be attentive to where its paws are. You are aiming to teach him to squat with all four paws on the toilet seat rim. You can move the cat while it is using the toilet and praise it or give a reward when it is sitting in the correct position. Normally the cat will first sit entirely inside the metal bowl, then with front paws on the toilet seat, and finally it should sit with all four paws on the toilet.
  • Gradually stop using cat litter box. This can get smelly, so be sure to clean the bowl after every time your cat uses it. Using flushable cat litter makes cleaning the bowl easy.
  • When you basically don’t use any cat litter inside the bowl anymore, start gradually filling the bowl with water. The water will also help mask the smell so your cat will be more content with using the toilet. Be attentive to your cat’s performance through this whole process – if your cat ceases using the bowl inside the toilet, you may be moving on too fast and might need to go back a couple of steps.
  • When the water level in the bowl has reached about 4cm and your feline has no difficulty using it, it is time to remove the bowl completely. Your feline should now be toilet trained. Bear in mind to always leave the toilet seat up and flush regularly!

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