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Cat Toys: Fun and Entertainment for Your Cat

If you are looking for ways to keep your cat entertained and out of trouble, then you definitely need to buy some cat toys to place throughout your house. The problem with cat toys is that there are just so many kinds, and varieties, and types. It can be hard to figure out exactly which cat toys are the right ones for your cat.

But never fear. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for cat toys.

What Kinds of Cat Toys Are Available?

Cat toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Some promise to help keep your cat busy. Some say they provide your cat with the ultimate in feline fun. Others claim they will help your cat be more active. And some do all three.

Some cat toys are interactive. This means that your cat can’t play with them by themselves. You or someone else will have to participate. Other cat toys are “solo,” meaning your cat can have fun with them all on their own.

When choosing a toy for your cat, the main thing to keep in mind is how your cat likes to play. Watch them for a little while and take note of their playing style. Does your cat like to chase things? Do they like to pounce on things, like a little hunter pouncing on its prey? Is your cat a big fan of fetch? Or maybe your cat’s idea of a fun afternoon is rolling around on the floor with a sock clutched between its paws? Knowing what your cat has the most fun doing will help you choose a cat toy they will actually like and want to play with.

One thing you should definitely think about when buying cat toys is safety. If a toy has pieces that can come off (like buttons), these could end up being choking hazards. If your cat likes to play rough, and a toy has pieces that are small enough for your cat to swallow, think twice about buying that toy.

Types of Cat Toys

It’s impossible to count the number of different cat toys that are on the market today. There’s a lot to choose from. And the toys you pick should be based on how your cat likes to play.

When it comes to cat toys, it’s hard to go wrong with a scratcher. Cats do love scratching things. One popular scratching toy is the Turbo Scratcher. Not only will it give your cat something to scratch that isn’t the leg of your dining room table, it will help them get a nice amount of exercise every time they play with it.

The thought of cats chasing mice is an idea as old as time. Well, almost. So it stands to reason that your cat might enjoy a mouse-shaped toy. You can go simple and buy your cat a basic stuff mouse. Or you can buy a motorized mouse that squeaks and runs around just like a live mouse. The Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter is perfect for any cat that like to stalk and pounce on things.

Cats love laser lights. Really, all you need is a simple laser pointer. Just aim it at the floor and wave it around, and your cat can have hours of fun chasing the red light around. In fact, your arm will get tired long before your cat does. An alternative to a tired arm is the FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy. With this cat toy, the laser light will move around all on its own. Just set it down somewhere, and your cat can have a ball chasing the laser light around while you attend to other things.

Catnip Toys

Catnip toys need a category all their own. The first question to ask is, “What is catnip?” Well, it’s not a drug, as many people believe. It’s a type of mint that is known to have an interesting effect on a cat’s behavior. Some cats become hyper and wild when exposed to catnip. Others become calm and mellow, and might even seem to “space out.” In fact, cats have been known to do very strange things when exposed to catnip. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that catnip won’t hurt your cat. And despite the fact that some people call catnip “the cat drug” (because it can alter a cat’s behavior in such interesting ways) it isn’t addictive.

You should also know that not all cats are affected by catnip. Kittens less than 3 or 4 months old don’t react to catnip at all. And only about fifty percent of all other cats are affected by it. The only way to know if your cat is one of those who are affected by catnip is to expose them to it and see what happens.

Catnip can be sewn into toys, and one catnip toy that has always been popular is the stuffed mouse with catnip. Zanies Leather Rattling Catnip Mice will also rattle when your cat shakes them, making them even more fun.

If your cat likes to play fetch, something like the Pawbreaker Original Catnip Ball might be just what you’re looking for.

Can You Make Your Own Cat Toys?

Making cat toys from scratch is another option. Believe it or not, there are probably things all over your house that your cat could have a blast playing with. And turning these objects into cat toys isn’t as hard as you might think.

For example, do you have any feathers on hand? How about yarn, or maybe an old shoelace? Well, just tie the feathers to the end of the string and dangle it around for your cat to chase. If you don’t have feathers, you can use something like small bells instead. Your cat will love chasing after the jingling.

If you have any knitting, crocheting or quilting skills, you can make more elaborate homemade cat toys. With Internet access, you should have no problem finding patterns and instructions for making crocheted mice, quilted fish, or anything else you can think of.

Cats love to play. And not only are cat toys fun and entertaining, they are one way to make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise. And who knows. You might just end up having as much fun with the cat toys as your pet does.

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