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Sisal Cat Scratching Posts: Better Than Carpet?

If you are looking to by a scratching post for your cat, then you should seriously consider buying them a sisal cat scratching post.

Why do cats need a scratching post? Because cats love to scratch things. This is a fact of life that no cat owner can avoid, no matter how much they might want to. And another fact is that scratching is actually good for your cat. It keeps their claws groomed and clean. It’s also a great form of physical exercise. Have you ever seen a cat really scratching away at something? It looks like quite a workout, doesn’t it?

Another fact, and an unfortunate one, is that if you don’t give your cats something to scratch, like a sisal cat scratching post, they will find something themselves. And that “something” could be a piece of furniture.

But why do you need a sisal scratching post? Anyone who shops for a cat scratching post for any length of time knows there are cheaper alternatives out there. In fact, next to sisal cat scratching posts, carpet scratching posts are the type you are most likely to run across. And there is no denying that carpet is cheaper than sisal.

Sisal isn’t just a more expensive material than carpet, using it to make scratching posts takes a little longer and is a little more work. The added labor adds to the cost of production.

Carpet scratching posts have other advantages, too. The biggest is that they come in a variety of different colors. (It is carpet, after all.) So you can find a cat or kitty scratching post that can perfectly match your décor.

There isn’t a whole lot of variety when it comes to sisal rope or sisal fabric. It’s beige. Maybe dark beige, or a lighter, creamier beige, but still beige. And while it can be died different colors, like red or green, but most people don’t like the look of dyed sisal. And some of the dyes used to dye sisal are toxic, and probably not something you want your cat clawing and nibbling at on a daily basis.

Another consideration is durability. Carpet scratching posts might be cheaper, but they are also more prone to wear and tear. Even carpet cat scratcher made with quality carpet become worn and unappealing pretty fast compared to those made with sisal. And the truth is many manufacturers of carpet scratchers use cheap carpeting to keep down production costs, and scratching posts made with cheap carpet wear out even faster. Your cat won’t get much use out of such a scratching post before it not only starts to look unappealing, but it starts to shed. And there’s nothing fun about having about the cheap carpet fibers that can end up spread all over your house.

So while carpet scratching posts are cheaper, they also have to be replaced more often.

Sisal cat scratching posts tend to be more durable and last longer. So while sisal scratching posts might cost more upfront, you won’t have to replace them as often as carpet scratching posts.

And the final argument in favor of sisal cat scratching posts is that cats just seem to prefer sisal. They love the way the rough texture feels against their claws and, to them, scratching a woven sisal post is loads more fun than scratching the arm of your sofa. Which is exactly how you want them to feel.

The sisal versus carpet debate doesn’t just come up when you’re buying scratching posts. It will probably be a concern when you are shopping for most types of cat furniture. Cat trees are designed to give your cat something to climb on other than your drapes. And along with the platforms and cubby holes, they also tend to have scratching posts.

Cat gyms, also called kitty gyms, are great for cats who are just naturally active, as well as those who could use a little extra exercise. Cat gyms are covered with play toys your cat can play with, bat around, and “attack.” They usually also have scratching posts because, as mentioned above, scratching is great exercise for your feline friend. With a cat gym, your cat can jump, stretch and scratch to their heart’s desire.

One thing to keep in mind about any piece of cat furniture you buy is that many of them, even the ones with sisal cat scratching posts, also have carpet on them somewhere, like on the base, or the platforms in the case of cat trees. And you want to make sure the carpet used is of good quality. Also make sure that stains are relatively easy to remove from the carpeted areas.

So should you choose carpet or sisals? Well, as you can see, a sisal cat scratching post is the way to go. They might be a little pricier than a carpet cat scratching post. But they are also more sturdy and durable, stay in better shape for longer and, most importantly of all, most cats just like them better.