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Cat Tree Furniture: Choosing the Right Cat Tree for Your Cat

Why do you need cat tree furniture? Well, there are two facts of life every cat owner has to accept pretty early on. The first is that cats are climbers. They like being up high and looking down their territory. And if you don’t give them something made specifically for them to climb on, they will settle for climbing your brand new drapes.

Cats are also scratchers. They love having something to really dig their claws into. Most cats would love to have a piece of cat tree furniture to scratch up. But, if there’s no cat tree furniture available, they’ll settle for scratching up your sofa, or the legs of your dining room table. I’ve even seen cats go to town on box springs.

Having a piece of cat tree furniture in your home is a quick and easy way to give your pet a place to do all of the climbing and scratching they want, just not on your belongings. But saving your furniture isn’t the only reason to get cat tree furniture. Cat trees can also help your feline get much needed exercise. They are also a natural way to help keep a cats claws groomed.

A cat tree is like a playground or clubhouse for felines. It gives them a place all of their own where they can go to have fun. A good piece of cat tree furniture gives your cat a place where they can scratch, jump, cling, claw, and even sleep to their hearts content.

Choosing a good piece of cat tree furniture for your cat or kitten isn’t that difficult. But here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go cat tree shopping.

Choose Cat Tree Furniture That Is Sturdy, Strong and Durable.

Imagine you were climbing a fun, supposedly strong structure. If that structure fell over while you were on it, chances are you would never want to get on it again. And, even worse, you could be seriously hurt in the fall.

The same holds true for cats when it comes to cat climbing tree furniture. If they are on a cat tree that topples over, getting them to go near one again might be a real challenge. Instead, they’d again turn to your belongings to fulfill their scratching and jumping needs.

Make sure the cat tree furniture you choose is sturdy and strong. Cat trees should have large, heavy bases which make them almost impossible for them to topple over, no matter how energetically your cat jumps on it. Your cat should also be able to play on it without slipping or falling.

The size of your cat is an important consideration. The cute little cat tree you bought for your 5 pound kitten might not be strong enough to withstand an assault from a 15 or 20 pound cat. So, as your cat grows and changes, you might find it necessary to replace their cat tree furniture. And you shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

The number of cats you have is also a factor. The more cats you have, the stronger and sturdier your cat tree furniture needs to be.

Cat Tree Furniture Should Be Accessible.

Some cats might find it hard to get around on a typical cat tree. This could be because of their age, they have been declawed, or maybe they’ve suffered from an injury that makes it hard for them to get around. But that doesn’t mean they should miss out on all of the fun. You can find cat tree furniture that is designed for such cats. For example, if your cat has trouble climbing, you can find cat trees that that have ramps or steps that will make it easier for them to climb up and down.

Cat Tree Furniture Should Fit Your Cat’s Personality.

Like people, different cats like different things. And getting a cat tree that fits your cat’s personality makes it more likely that they will love and use it.

Does your cat really like to scratch things? Then consider a cat scratching tree with several cat scratching posts, and many different scratching surfaces for them to enjoy.

Is your cat an active ball of energy? Then make sure you choose a multilevel cat climber tree that has lots of extras built in that an active cat can play with, like toys that can be batted around and hoops that can be swung on.

Does your cat love nothing better than lounging around? Then their cat condo tree should have lots of comfy perches and platforms for them to relax on, and little alcoves for them to take naps in the lap of luxury and comfort.

If getting your cat to use their brand new cat climbing tree is a problem, you can try covering it with catnip a few times. Once they start interacting with it on their won, they’ll decide it’s so much fun that the catnip will no longer be necessary.

If you have a cat, cat tree furniture is a must. And finding the right kitty condo or kitty gym can help keep your pet happy, and your furniture scratch-free.