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Dry Cat Food: Is It What I Should Be Feeding My Cat?

Everyone aims to have a healthy body. That is why people tend to look for ways to live longer with little to no health problems. Having a proper diet is one way to obtain this objective. The appropriate portion and choice of food contributes substantial nutrients that nourish one’s healthy body, which is essential to all living things. Pertinently, animals need the same nourishment. Cats, for instance, must be fed with the right cat foods for them to acquire a healthy life. Hence, owners should take the responsibility in deciding what food their cat should eat.

One of the most significant decisions a cat owner should make is to choose food for their cats that will ensure a long and healthy life for their feline comrades. They must decide whether they will feed their cats with dry cat food or canned cat food.

What is dry cat food?

Currently, dry cat food is considered to be the most common form of food fed to domestic cats. It is known to be convenient, inexpensive, clean, and simple to feed. It’s formula basically contains meat or meat by products, soybean meal and feed grains. Also, dry cat food is highly rich in proteins, taurine and carbohydrates.

Dry Cat Food Reviews

Nowadays, there are hundreds of diverse kinds of cat food due to the prevailing pet food market competitions. As a result, different questions blur one’s mind as to what type of cat food is best for their cat. Some would probably ask if it’s possible to find an inexpensive but quality dry cat food which can provide the adequate amount of dietary requirements for their felines.

Occasionally, inexpensive commercialized cat foods can offer the first-class quality that premium cat foods have. Your felines must consume larger volumes of lower quality cat food just to attain their basic dietary necessities, such as protein. Felines are carnivores by nature and for that reason protein is a necessity. Cats also require a greater amount of protein because a cat’s liver has active enzymes which participate in breaking down proteins. Subsequently, the need for a feline’s protein requirements is increased because some of the processed protein is utilized to fuel those active enzymes.

Another essential amino acid that your cat requires is taurine. Your feline needs a sufficient supply of taurine since it prevents your cat from experiencing some serious health difficulties, like heart problems and blindness. Finally, various commercialized dry cat foods have a huge percentage of carbohydrates, which your cat also needs.

Top rated dry cat food

There are many choices of cat food out there which can make it difficult to choose the best one. Some feline food reviews show particular brands of foods for your cats which give cat owners an idea of what pet food should be purchased. Here is a list of some of the best rated cat foods:

Timberwolf Organics

This company provides a high protein cat food which does not have grains. It makes feline food very nutritional since cats can easily digest foods with low amounts of grains. More so, this brand contains herbs, fruits and vegetables.

California Natural Cat Food

It is well known by some cat owners for its hypoallergenic formula. It is a natural food which does not contain ingredients like corn and wheat which can trigger feline digestion problems.

Friskies dry food

It is liked by most felines. It is affordable but does not have great quality because it contains bone meal, corn, by-products, and artificial flavors which premium cat foods do not have.

Innova Dry Cat Food

It offers high nutritional quality. It contains chicken meal, chicken, fruit, selected vegetables and turkey. Furthermore, other ingredients in this food are chosen from the five basic food groups. Thus, it ensures complete nutrition and a balanced diet.

Blue Buffalo dry cat food

It is a good choice of dry food because it’s healthy and has a low amount of grain. However, it has an unpleasant smell or taste which cats tend not to like it.

Natural Balanced Ultra-Premium Dry Cat Food

It contains high quality proteins and provides ample and balanced nutrition for all felines.

Evolve Dry Cat Food

Its main protein sources are chicken, chicken meal and carbohydrates which are supplied by brown rice. It also has great protein content.

Dry Cat Foods’ Effects

Is dry cat food best for my cats? This is an inevitable question that can be raised by some cat owners. It is said that there are numerous arguments that have been created which state that cat food is an inferior source of nutrition, whether dry can food or canned cat food. According to some pet food experts, dry cat foods have useful and harmful effects to felines. Here are some of its effects:

Advantages of Dry Cat Food

  • It is more convenient than wet cat food since it can be left out during the day and cannot be easily spoiled as moist cat food.
  • It ensures that food meets basic dietary necessities as it contains proteins and carbohydrates.
  • It is cheaper than the wet cat foods though still nutritious depending on the labels and ingredients.

Disadvantages of Dry Cat Food

  • It can cause dehydrating effects, leading to a possible urinary tract infection and kidney disease.
  • It can increase the risk of obesity for felines since it has greater amount of carbohydrates.
  • It can also trigger diabetes in cats.

Should I choose dry cat food for my felines?

It is a matter of personal choice on which cat food one must purchase. What is more important is that owners should understand the positive and negative effects of what type of pet food they must buy; whether it is dry cat food or canned cat food. Thus, owners should be held responsible for their feline’s health.

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