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Cat’s Nutritional Requirements

Cat nutrition is a vital aspect of owning a cat that needs to be cared for. Just like humans, your felines need to have a healthy diet. Felines should meet their nutritional requirements in order to stay strong and active. Pertinently, as pet lovers, you are held responsible in providing what your feline comrades need. It is your responsibility to choose and decide what foods you will feed your cats. Though the word “responsibility” may sound intimidating, this doesn’t mean that it is a hard task to do. Just bear in mind that your cats have requirements for specific dietary nutrients rather than ingredients. Certain nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins and the like are what your cats require and that owners must provide. That is why pet lovers should be wise in choosing the best food to prepare for their cats. Cat foods should not just be delicious but should be nutritious at the same time.

Dry Cat Food

What is dry cat food?

Dry cat food is one of the most common forms of food fed to tamed felines as of today. Some would consider it to be the best food for cats. It has become popular because it is inexpensive, clean, simple to feed and more convenient to use than the rest. Its formula essentially contains soybean meal, feed grains, and meat. In addition, dry cat food is highly rich in proteins, carbohydrates and taurine.

Dry Cat food reviews

In reality, rare cases occur in which inexpensive commercialize cat foods can provide high quality compared to those expensive and premium cat foods. It only makes your kittens consume a larger volume of inexpensive cat food just to meet their nutritional requirements such as protein. Felines are carnivores by nature. As a result, their bodies need efficient protein to perform its functions.

Moreover, there are various highly rated dry cat foods. Here are some of those:

  • Timberwolf Organics
  • California Natural Cat food
  • Friskies Dry food
  • Innova Dry Cat food
  • Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food
  • Natural Buffalo Dry Cat Food
  • Evolve Dry Cat Food

Canned cat food

What is canned cat food?

Canned cat food, also called wet cat food, is one of the best choices of foods that your cats can eat. Aside from it being juicy and delicious, it is usually nutritious and meets your feline’s dietary necessities. That is why some cat owners are spending time searching for the healthiest canned cat food.

Canned Cat Food Reviews

Here are some best canned cat foods:

  • Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Canned Cat Food
  • Wellness Chicken Canned Cat Food
  • Merrick Cat Food
  • Natural Balanced Canned Cat Foods
  • Innove EVO Canned Cat Food
  • Blue Buffalo Spa Select Canned Cat Food

Which Is Best; Dry or Wet/Canned Cat Food?

One of the common arguments among cat owners is which food is best for their cats–wet food or dry food. In deciding which one to choose, it would be better to scrutinize first the advantages and disadvantages of both dry and wet cat food.

Dry Cat food Advantages
  • It is cheaper than wet cat food.
  • It is easier to store than wet foods. This doesn’t always require containers and can be kept anywhere. But still, it is best to keep dry foods in an air-tight container to preserve its freshness.
  • It creates less mess than canned foods.
  • It is crunchy and doesn’t spoil rapidly.
  • It helps keep your cats’ teeth clean and decreases tartar build up.
Disadvantages of Dry Cat food
  • It can trigger diabetes in cats.
  • It increases the risk of cat’s obesity for the reason that it has higher amount of carbohydrates.
  • It can probably contribute dehydrating effects which might end up with urinary tract infection and kidney diseases.
Advantages of Wet Cat food
  • It has greater water content.
  • It decreases the risk of feline obesity since it is less in carbohydrates.
  • It is closer to feline’s natural diet assuming that it contains proper nutrients essential to cats.
Disadvantages of Wet Cat Food
  • It is usually expensive than dry cat food.
  • It is messy if spilled or scattered on the floor.
  • It spoils easily.

Home Prepared Cat Food: Cooked and Raw Food

Home prepared foods are becoming a well-known choice in feeding cats. This is due to the reason that this type of food is more healthy, natural and appetizing to our pets. It would be best to include vegetables in raw cat diets. By doing this, make sure to crush the vegetables like carrots and properly mix them into the ground meat. By including fresh vegetables in feline raw diet, it increases the chance to successfully meet your cats’ nutritional necessities.

Treats for Your Cats

All of us really love special treats and cats are no exception. Cat treats are great to be used as rewards especially during cat training sessions. However, be sure to choose cat treats that are nutritious and satisfying and be cautious to prevent cat treat allergies.

Tips for picking a healthy cat treat:
  • Be sure not to let your cat’s treats accumulate up to no more than ten percent of your cat’s diet.
  • Choose cat treats that are low in calories.
  • Nutritious homemade cat treats are the best choice .

Catnip: Is it nutritious?

What is catnip?

Catnip is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. It is said to be hallucinogenic to cats in that when cats sniff a catnip plant, they experience a pleasurable sensation, which makes them become more active, playful and enthusiastic. Catnip possesses a fascinating aroma which entices your feline comrades to like it. Aside from these effects, catnip plants can be fed to cats since it is a safe, nutritious and edible plant. Furthermore, it contains nutrients which are good for your feline’s health that help relieve stress and nervousness in cats.
Those are just a few of the many cat food options. However, it is a matter of personal decision in choosing on which food cat owners must purchase. What is significant is that cat owners should be wise in selecting the type of pet food to buy in order to secure their feline’s nutrition.

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