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Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

Before picking a cat, it’s a good idea to do a little research on the different cat breeds. Why? Because picking a pet with the right personality can make all of the difference in the world. And the different breeds of cats tend to have distinctive personality traits.

Here is a list of some popular cat breeds and their personalities.

1. The American Shorthair Cat

There can be a little confusion when it comes to this breed of cat. American Shorthair is a name sometimes applied to any mixed breed cat with a short coat. But don’t be fooled. There really is such a thing as a purebred American Shorthair. And, if you are looking for a cat breed that will get along well with children and even dogs, the American Shorthair might be for you. These cats are also known for being very affectionate and good natured. They also tend to enjoy better health than some cat breeds might. If you want a cat that is low-maintenance, an American Shorthair might be just what you’re looking for.

2. The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon might be big, but they are also intelligent and gentle. They aren’t called “Gentle Giants” for nothing. These are very active cats, which were once bred to control rats on the farms in Maine. Where do these cats get their interesting name from? Well, apparently, people once believed they were part raccoon.

Long haired cats are pretty, but grooming them can sometimes be a challenge. However, despite having a long coat, this cat breed has less undercoat than a lot of other long haired cat breeds. As a result, tangles and mats aren’t as much of a problem.

3. The Abyssinian Cat

These cats look very regal and unapproachable in a way. You can just imagine them sitting beside an Egyptian king or queen…on its own personal throne, of course. But the Abyssinian is actually one of the friendliest cat breeds around. They love people, and are extremely curious. If you own an Abyssinian, don’t be surprised if they follow you around the house, trying to see what you are up to. They are known for their intelligence and loyalty. However, they tend to get more attached to adults than kids. They are also prone to loneliness. So, if you know you will be leaving your cat home alone for extended periods, consider buying two Abyssinians so they can keep each other company.

4. The Siamese Cat

There’s no denying the popularity of this cat breed. Even people who know very little about cats know this breed by name.

One interesting thing about the Siamese cat is how much like dogs they can be. While many people see cats as very standoffish, the Siamese is very friendly and loving. They love being part of the family. You can even walk a Siamese on a leash if you want.

In ancient times, the Siamese cats were often used as “guard cats.” Their very loud cries were more than enough to alert everyone in the household of intruders. And as friendly and affectionate as they are with family, your Siamese will be much more standoffish with strangers.

5. The Exotic Cat

“Exotic” is just another name for the Shorthaired Persian. And Exotics are very much like their long haired cousins. They are known for their intelligence, and for the dignified air that surrounds them. And while this cat breed is very friendly and affectionate, they thrive in a calm, serene atmosphere. They can also be a bit nervous and standoffish with children.

6. The Oriental Cat

This cat breed looks very sleek and elegant. But don’t let their appearance fool you. These cats are very curious and playful. In fact, no matter how old they get, they can remain as playful and mischievous as a young kitten. The Oriental is also very smart. Put those personality traits together, and it can sometimes mean trouble. Don’t be surprised if your Oriental gets into your purse, or somehow manages to open the door.

This cat breed is very affectionate, and craves affection in return. In fact, and Oriental that doesn’t get enough attention can often end up feeling depressed. So, if you intend to pick this breed of cat, make sure you’ll have plenty of time to shower him with affection.

7. The Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat breed is very energetic. They love jumping on things. Don’t be surprised if your Norwegian Forest cat jumps up onto the counter or bookcase to take a look around. Along with being curious, they are also friendly and loving, and make great family cats.

The Norwegian Forest cat has nerves of steel. If you have a busy household, they will handle it with calm and aplomb. They also take to new people more quickly than some cat breeds.

8. The Egyptian Mau Cat

Some people believe the Egyptian Mau is the oldest of all cat breeds. These are beautiful and elegant looking cats, with an exotic flair. These cats are highly intelligent and sociable. They love spending time with their favorite humans. They also love to “talk,” and those who have heard an Egyptian Mau will tell you they have lovely “voices.”

This cat breed is also very active. They love to run, jump, play, fetch and pounce.

9. The Pixie-Bob Cat

The Pixie-Bob is an extremely intelligent cat breed. And unlike some cat breeds, they manage to be playful without getting into too much trouble. They are great family cats, and get along well with children. They will also “play nice” with other pets. This is also a great cat breed to have if you are a walker. Not only can they be leash trained, they love taking long walks. So they will happily keep you company during your daily strolls.

10. The American Bobtail Cat

The American Bobtail cat is an outgoing and fun loving cat breed. They are smart and athletic, and will have no problem getting along with children or other pets. And are you a nature lover? Well the American Bobtail loves the outdoors, and might be the perfect cat breed for camping enthusiasts.

Before choosing a cat, it’s important to know something about cat breeds, and the personality traits specific to each one. Choosing a cat with the right personality will make cat ownership a fun and pleasant experience.

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