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Abyssinian: A Ticked Coated Kitten

The Abyssinian, also known as Aby, is one of the most popular cat breeds being domesticated by many of people nowadays. It has always been described as a cat with a distinctive ticked coat. The word “Abyssinian” pertains to Ethiopia. However, there are numerous stories and rumors that this cat breed originated from Egypt. Furthermore, Abys have belonged to the famous shorthair cat groups in the USA.

History of Abyssinian Cats

There’s no exact data as to where and how this cat breed originated but according to its history, it is believed that the Abyssinian had come from Egypt. Some genetic researches have suggested that this shorthair cat originated near the coast of the Indian Ocean where colonists may have purchased animals from the wild animal traders. In addition to that, some studies have indicated that the coast of the Indian Ocean between Singapore and Ceylon is said to be the homeland of the Abyssinian Tabby color pattern.

This cat breed is sometimes believed to have originated from one Egyptian female kitten named Zula. Zula would have been the first Abyssinian which was taken from a port in Alexandria by a British soldier and was brought to England. This theory is not recognized because there’s no strong link between Zula and the cat first listed as an Abyssinian in 1882.There are numerous sources which repeat the story that the Abyssinian breed had arrived several thousand years ago and had come from Ancient Egypt. There are also stories that have been told that the wild Abyssinians live in parts of North Africa today. The Abyssinian shape and distinctive coat also bears a striking resemblance to the African Wild cats. The first registration of the breed appeared in English studbooks in 1896. The earliest distinguishable Aby can be found in the Leiden Museum in Holland. It has a label that reads “domestica India” which indicates the origin to the same area. Abyssinians are considered as one of the oldest breeds and are possibly the closest to a natural breed of all the purebred cats in the world.

Physical Appearance of the Abyssinian cat

The body of the Abyssinian cat is of medium length, flexible and has well-developed muscles. Their legs are slim in proportion to the body with a good bone structure. Their fur has a very fine texture rather than being of a soft quality which bears several dark bands over a lighter shade marking the coat evenly giving it a ticked coat pattern. They have small and oval paws and have a fairly long tail, broad at the base and tapering to a point.

The head of the Abyssinian is broad and moderately wedge-shaped. Their eyes have an almond shape that range from green, gold, copper or hazel. Usually, the nose and chin form a straight vertical line when viewed in profile. The ears are relatively large, broad and cupped at the base and moderately pointed at the tips, where tufts of hair are normally seen. Sometimes, there’s an M-shaped marking that is found in the fur on the forehead. The M-shaped marking, also referred to as “frown lines”, are located above the Abyssinian’s eyes. They also have markings which are often referred to as mascara lines and usually appear from the corners of their eyes. With regards to their fur, the Abyssinian’s coat is medium in length, dense and thick to touch. This kind of cat has coats that are unusual enough to capture attention.

Abyssinian Cat Colors

Abyssinians are an exceptional type of tabby cat known for its gorgeous ticked coat. There are four colors of this cat breed; namely blue, fawn, red (sorrel or cinnamon) and ruddy.

  • Blue Abyssinian Cat
This type has a warm, soft blue-gray ticked coat with a deeper blue. Its base color is pale cream, and its tail tipped with a deep shade of blue. The paws are blue-grey, nose is dark pink and the eyes are pure amber, gold or green.
  • Fawn Abyssinian Cats
They have a soft pinkish-cream coat color, paw pads and pink nose with eyes of pure amber, gold or green.
  • Red Abyssinian Cat
They have a warm red ticked coat with chocolate red-brown. The base color is deep apricot and the tail tipped with chocolate brown. The paw pads and nose leather are rosy pink, with pure amber, gold or green eyes.
  • Ruddy Abyssinian Cat

It’s the most popular color among the four colors. This orange-brown colored feline has a warm brown ticked coat with black bands. The base color is deep orange and the tail tipped with black. The paw pads are black and the nose is brick red outlined with black. The eyes are pure amber, green or gold.

Abyssinian Cat Personality

Abyssinians are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats. They are relatively active, affectionate and playful extroverts. They are extremely motivated and curious. They are good in solving practical problems and tend to retain a kittenish playful behavior into adulthood. They are usually not lap cats, being too preoccupied with traveling and playing. They are not vocal and only have a small bell like voice to communicate. This cat breed is one is more inclined to accept dogs and older children since they are very well oriented with people and animals. They tend to have an average lifespan of around 15+ years. However, if proper care and nutrition is given with the advancement of veterinary medicine, this breed of cat can live up to 20 years and even longer. They can have an average weight of around 8 to 10 pounds.

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